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(ah kreetí) : to grow by being added to.

Chinese logoDuring a Yahoo I.M. conversation with my daughter stationed at an air base overseas, she shared some wonderful doodles in a sketch book.
Her drawings were a combination of Hyroglyphics and Klingon done up in the Manga or Anime style. Very creative if you ask me! Well this planted a seed of curiosity which led me to create what is shown on the following pages.
Oh, you're wondering what this little pictogram means? Today-Now. It's something I've been trying to do more of lately...thinking in the moment, being ever mindful of the amazing grace of a loving creator that gives me life each moment of each day!

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samples in chrome-solder:
* Happy 
* Harmony 
* Joyful Heart 
* Peace 
samples in Parchement Paper:
* Celebrate 
* dance 
* song 
* play 
samples in various designs:
* The Electric Machine 

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