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||| Answers to the really BIG Question Links:

Pantelism: The understanding that the prophetic Scriptures are fulfilled in their entirety in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

A great site for study and digging into Fulfilled Eschatology and Completed Redemption in King Jesus.

* The Prophecy Reformation Institute 
John Noe's Site, author of several books including; Shattering The Left Behind Delusion.

* Berean Bible Church 
Excellent site with teachings on the Bible and daily living from a Preterist view.

||| Art Links:

* Vue 
An incredible program for creating 3d nature and still-life scenes.

Nicely done site with a long list of Fractal Art Galleries.

* Chaospro software 
Listing of Fractal Software and resources.

||| Human Powered Vehicle Links:

* The International Human Powered Vehicle Association 
Is an association of national associations and organizations, dedicated to promoting improvement, innovation and creativity in the use of human power.

The site that gave me the idea for my recumbents front-wheel-drive mechanism

And excellent resource site for HPV and Recumbent enthusiasts.

* Leitra HPV 
This is THE COOLEST way to get to work, short of having a Lamborgini. End of story!



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