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(ah kreetí) : to grow by being added to.

faith logo First off, I am grateful to my parents for raising me in a God fearing home. They laid a foundation that planted the seed of curiosity about God, life, and death which drove me to personal study in God's Word as a young adult, and i'm still digging daily! At this point in my life i would not consider myself of any particular "Faith" or "Religion" yet most of my friends and family would state i'm a deeply spiritual (rather than religious) person.

Theologicaly i hold a view that encompasses both the fulfillment of all scripture during the first century (this is called the Preterist view) and also the Gospel of Inclusion. Both of these views harmonize in what is called Pantelism. It is not my intent to go into detail on my site but rather direct any curious soul to one of my favorite websites on the topic The bottom line for me is through my journey and studies I have grown in my ability to live compassionately toward all people groups and believe in a God of Love without fear of a future-to-us Armageddon of biblical standards..


 An introduction to the Preterist view of Eschatology 
A site dedicated to "Restoring the credibility of Jesus Christ and his holy apostles" and "Awakening Christians from the futurist delusion"." favorite site for info on Eschatology. 
The site has many great articles full of life and wisdom!
 Forum-chat with other Christians! 
Talk Grace forum is my favorite place on the web for stimulating conversation with loving and open minded people about the deeper things in life.


 My family's Heraldic Crest 
A graphic representation of my personal faith in Jesus Christ. And my desire to pass on a legacy to my Children and future gentrations.
 Who is the King Of Glory? 
A small portion of a poster size personal recreation of the Rosie Priory Stone found in an ancient graveyard in the U.K.
 A Continuous Pathway 
A personal recreation of an ancient landmark.
 Jesus : Righteousness in me 
A graphic representation of a poem i wrote in the mid 1980's.
A graphic representation of Isaiah 53.



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