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small HPV logo Here are several shots of my Front-Wheel-Drive, recumbent bike with and without it's fairings .
bike without fairings

The above shot shows my new  home-made fiberglass seat  found from a very unique source!

FWD close up

The above shot shows detail of the FWD twisting chain set up. A flexible "SACHS" brand chain is guided around two chain-guides (purchased from Wics Aircraft Supply from their "TriMutter" trike project). Approximately 35 to 40 degrees of steering is available. This has proven to be plenty for my city commute.

Hub is a Shimano NEXUS 7 with seven internal gears and internal roller brakes. Rear derailer acts as a chain tensioner and guide only.

 Follow this link for more shots, but with fairings front and back. 

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