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small HPV logoI bought my first recumbent way back in 1968...a long wheelbase lowrider made from several hacked up bike frames. Love at first sight. Fastest kid on the block.
Even now I prefer my electric scooter or my homebuilt recumbent as my primary means of transportation to work rain or shine on my daily 5 mile commute.
...and leave the Volvo back at home!
Here is a quick look at my home made Front-Wheel-Drive recumbent bike... uh, trike! [and the trike leans in the turns!]:

  The webmaster's crazy bike & trike...


 A closer look at the  Front-Wheel-Drive bike  and pictures of the latest fairings.

A look at my  Front-Wheel-Drive, Leaning-Delta-Trike ... a real show stopper!

A look at a unique (and creative?) way to  build a recumbent seat .



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