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small HPV logoMy wife says I'm crazy...that I'm "seeing" things. I have to admit that sometimes I wake up at night with HPV (and other) design ideas going through my head. That's when I grab the pencil and pad on my headboard!

Before you call me crazy, I'm going to show you a close up of the seat. It is very comfortable and practical. Then I'll show you where I got the material and some tips on where you can find it for free yourself!

P38 seat next to home-made seat

Above is a shot of my P-38 High back recumbent seat and my low back home-made seat.
These two seats represent two different ergonomic seating positions. The high back seat is very nice for laid back and open seating, the low back is ideal for my now preferred upright and closed seating posture.
I've found that the upright/closed position has given me much greater confidence while driving in traffic. My upper body is now free to rotate as far as needed to get a view all around. I like it so much I may sell the P-38 seat!

seat on frame

Close up of painted home-made seat on frame with closed cell foam weather strip padding.

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