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mandela logoI used to spend hours looking through various kaleidascopes as a child. Then came the grownup versions made with fine woods, stain glass, gemstones and various other items. What an experience!

A few years ago I came accross a program called Kaleider that takes a raw digital image and allows the user to manipulate it in similar ways to what a kaleidascope would do.
The program is highly addictive !!!

All of the creations here were saved in Kaleider as "Mandelas". One definition of a Mandela is as follows:
The mandala is an artistic design that devotees of meditation use for centering, focusing, and contemplation. Its almost interactive symbolism represents the precious relationship of one’s soul to the universe — from its introspective center whose numerous, colorful symbols radiate out in all directions, as if to infinity.

The artwork on this page is organized by showing creations grouped by the origin of the original graphic.

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Human Figure:

mhf01 | mhf02 | mhf03 | mhf04 | mhf05 | mhf06 | mhf07 | mhf08 | mhf09 |


mn01 | mn02 | mn03 | mn04 | mn05 | mn06 | mn07 | mn08 | mn09 |


md01 | md02 | md03 | md04 | md05 | md06 | md07 | md08 | md09 |


ma01 | ma02 | ma03 | ma04 | ma05 | ma06 | ma07 | ma08 | ma09 |

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