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  webmaster WHO?

My name is Thom; that's short for "Thomas" and pronounced "Tom". It continues to baffle me as to how people can hack such a simple thing like a first name (smile). I thought I'd get the pronunciation out of the way just in case you meet one of us "tHom's" on the street.

I spend my "office time" with the latest electronic gadgets and computers...and then I come home and spend more time on the latest electronic gadgets and computers! This may be due in part because I'm a "Sputnik" baby; born just days after the Russians launched the first satellite into orbit in 1957.
      Before I was nine I was making hovercrafts out of 2x4 ft plywood sheets, garbage bags, and our electric shop vac. Several of the more successful designs actually allowed me and my little-sister-test-pilot to hover around our hallways...well, uh, until the motor burnt up :-O I had to do a whole lot of yard and house work to "work" my way out of that one!
      My tinkering now involves    doodling with digital art,    experimenting with brain wave entrainment,    creating virtual reality chat-worlds,    designing and creating human powered vehicles


  webmaster's fun time

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 60's and 70's was interesting to say the least. Saw many news reports first hand! Even remember running in front of a rolling tear gas canister at the University of California-Berkeley.
      By 1979 I was managing my first of several record stores. Starting out in Santa Cruz, then onto San Francisco, Sacramento, and Reno. While in Reno, I met the woman who would later become my bride. We eventually ended up moving to Portland Oregon for the same record company (Musicland) where I supervised 4 locations.
      While living in Portland, we had many Bar-B-Q's with one neighboring family and discussed the possibility of my being involved in a research grant as engineering & safety administrator. After two years of planning, my family and I moved to the Oregon coast. It was during this period of time that I began working with Macintosh computers as a self taught network administrator (half a dozen macs on an apple-talk network). During off hours I worked with a-then-new program, Illustrator 88.
      After the grant was completed I began working at the local Costco warehouse when it opened in 1993. After all these years I still arrive to work believing the day will be an enjoyable time of social activity and helping others.
      Much of the time with my wife outside work is spent involved in activities such as photography, kayaking, walks on the beach, rock hounding, prospecting in local waterways, and fourwheeling on mountain trails.


  family pix

My wife and I share a common crazy outlook on life wich is full of ponderings of the deeper things and some xFiles and Ancient Aliens Theory thrown in for good measure.
      We also home schooled our two children for many years. In fact a home schooling seminar was kind of our second date!.
      The nest is now empty and both kids are successfully on their own spending time in the US Air Force and enjoy adventures in the great outdoors.
      After all is said and done, I guess you could say we are a bit out of the ordinary with the path we've chosen.



1975And for you Classmates from Benecia High here is my photo from 1975 H.S. graduation : ) Funny thing is i look at this old photo and remember it like yesterday, even though it was over 30 years ago!



      If you build it they will come... Hey, can you blame me for wanting at least my share of that 15 minutes of "Fame"! My wife says it's a "Male thing".
      But really, this has, and is, a fascinating past time. Creating digital art and such, and then developing a site that others can view has been an enjoyable, educating experience.
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